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Audiovisual productions

You want to make a clip, a viral video, a 360 video,
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Émission / Talkshow

Show / Talkshow

Create and broadcast

Stream small programs, as they are compact enough to allow the presenter to make the switches. The DVE allows you to achieve amazing picture-in-picture effects, with drop shadows, colored borders and more. Picture-in-picture effects are perfect for showing a guest's reaction! You can even add synths and logos to give your program a high-end broadcast look. Streaming can be done on a separate computer using streaming software, or directly via Ethernet.

Clips musicaux en direct

Live music clips

Create and broadcast

It's now easy for bands to make music videos and stream their concerts live. Just set up multiple cameras, with a wide shot of the band and close-ups of each artist. Plus, with the Fairlight audio mixer featuring a 6-band parametric equalizer, compressor and limiter, they'll sound great. Incorporate enough effects and inlayers to create bold looks, mixing animated sources like the iTunes viewer. Our cameras include color correction tools to create cinematic looks (!), record music videos with ease and broadcast live concerts on YouTube Live or Facebook to fans around the world.

Présentations via Skype

Presentations via Skype

Create and broadcast

Your presentations will soon look better with our live broadcasts! Connect a camera for a close-up, another for a wide shot and a computer for your PowerPoint presentations. The presenter can even use a picture-in-picture effect.

Événements sportifs en direct

Live Sports Events

Create and broadcast

Create professional-looking programs for your sporting events. Whether you're playing ping pong, bowling or baseball, we connect multiple cameras via HDMI/SDI to capture all the action of a game from multiple angles. Connect a computer via HDMI and send live graphics with the latest scores and stats to the mixer from Photoshop. Downstream, use the inlay to overlay graphics on top of the game footage (just like the pros!), your own live sports programs and stream them in broadcast quality!

Éducation et formation

Education and training

Create and broadcast

Perfect for educational videos. We can record multi-camera live productions on any topic of your choice!

Streaming live de compétitions eSport

Live streaming of e-Sport competitions

Create and broadcast

To stream live e-Sports competitions on Twitch, you just need to connect several game consoles and a camera to film the presenter. Our system supports up to 60 frames per second for fast gameplay. Plus, you can use the picture-in-picture effect for commentary! It is also possible to download titles directly from Photoshop.